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 Holiday Riding!

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PostSubject: Holiday Riding!   Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:29 am

I know the two solid days of rain dampened most riders spirits in mid and southern ontario but there was still snow in some parts of the province. My wife and I (as per tradition) go to the families cottage every new year and ride. Some years are better then others but for some reason sunny Sundridge has never let us down and we have got at least a preseason ride out of it. This year was no better and I put on just 100 miles in my three days of riding local trails. The roads were (thinnly) snow covered but and the trails had a couple tricky holes (helped one gentlemen pull his ski over just a bit after he took a water hole the wrong way and it stuck to the side of the trail). His wife got over alright on her own after. Embarassed The groomer had been over the trails and we had a combination of very cold (-30 wind chill) nights and snow dustings that actually made for half decent riding on the Saturday. We saw a few fellow sledders out enjoying the preseason while we brushed little bits here and there but for the most part with a little snow those trails will be awesome. We beat the freezing rain home on Sunday and on the way was witness to why sledders sometimes get a bad rep. Mad Driving south with many fellow trucks and trailers this one yahoo in his 3500 dodge pulling a two place trailer behind him was weaving in and out of traffic doing 30 - 40 over the limit cutting people off. (The one truck ahead of me pulling a trailer actually had to drive on the shoulder to prevent from being side swiped by this guy cutting in between him and a transport) Imagine how this guy drives on the trail? It just makes me shake my head and realize that those are the kind of sledders people will remember, not the rest of us. Those of us who ride according to conditions and try our best to help out one another, it's sad really. Crying or Very sad Although that was the ending to my week it still doesn't dampen the fun the family and I had on our holiday off. As a side note it was the first time my youngest (1 1/2 years) was on a sled with me (to get him into the cottage is sled only) and he loved it. He kept pointing at the sleds and any time I'd go outside he'd want to come to sit on the sleds and giggle. We read many snowmobile magazines together before bedtime. Well that was our holiday, how about yours? Lets share our holiday sledding experiences (good and bad) so that we get our fix while we wait for the four straight days of snow coming our way.
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Holiday Riding!
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